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I'm blistered/rei and I draw and try to make games.
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dumping Ezra’s outfits here. now you can all see he is a true punk. grabbing his own tie is totally his thing. work those socks, baby

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I am backkkkkkkkkk…! Thanks for all the messages while I was away, friends <(´▽`)> *hugs you all*

Catching a flight later today.

I’m moving across the country and probably won’t have internet for a few days. See you all later! Take care everyone!

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Yesterday I spent my life researching the evolution of Kaneki’s abs

“I’ve been fumbling with your zip for a while now, but to no avail. Could you please undo it for me so that I can see the beauty behind it?”

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Preorder your copy of OSCP 6 today!

The final volume in the long running high school romance/horror comedy series will release end of August / early September.

Preorders end September 15th and will come with a special preorder-only limited edition print and a free download code for an OSCP sketch book (releasing October/November). 

The book features a 3 coloured Risograph printed cover, colour insert, and 120+ pages of comics wrapping up the story of lovesick delinquent Jirou, mysterious book-loving Oscar, and friends of animals Vivien!  Contains chapters 9, 10, 11, 12, and 13. Read the exciting conclusion! So many tears shed! Gang fights! Journey to the underworld! Blushing boys in gakuran! And so much more!

BTW, you can read parts of the comic for free on Smackjeeves, my website, or Inkblazers. (I will start updating again next week - sorry for the lack of updates TT_TT).

To commemorate the ending of the series I am releasing a couple of other goods along with the new volume.

First is a special 3-colour risograph printed box sleeve to hold all your copies of OSCP!

Box design laid flat - I will hand cut, score, and glue each box. All you have to do is secure one flap with glue or tape when you receive the box in the mail!

(PS. If you own the first printing of OSCP3 with the screenprinted cover or the mini comic issues of OSCP1 and OSCP2, they will not fit exactly into the box. Please contact me for a discounted price if you already own the older versions and want books that will fit into the box properly.)

Second is a special engraved metal pin just like the one Jirou wears on his hat given by Oscar to protect him from mysterious and evil unknown forces!

You can order these goods bundled with an OSCP6 book preorder and get special bundle discounts!

Finally, if you are new to the series and want to read everything in one go, I am offering a full volume set at a discounted price - this version doesn’t come with the special preorder print but you do get to save a couple bucks!

Check out my Bigcartel store for more information!  There are other comics for sales and other goodies like zines and original paintings!

Please reblog / tell your friends!

Thank you for all the support these years! I will write my thoughts about completing the work sometime soon!!!

And my custom animation is glitchy wtf did I do wrong


Skip the Use - Nameless World



I’ve got some free time as I’m waiting for more assets to come in so I’m opening commissions! Currently, there are three products available for order:

COLLECTABLE CARDS Starting from $40

STAMPS Starting from $40

PATTERNS Starting from $30

For more details, please refer to our website: http://routezero.vnovel.com/artshop/collectables/

OPEN SLOTS: 5 main and 3 to be put on the waiting list. Slots will be updated on our home page.

TO ORDER, please use this form or send me an e-mail with all the required information at [ nugeyo@gmail.com ].

Thank you so much for checking the Art Shop out! Reblogs/signal boosts are all welcome!


MIT researchers have reconstructed the sound of speech by analyzing a high speed video of the minute vibrations of a nearby chip bag. They reconstructed “Mary Had A Little Lamb” from the vibrations of the leaves of houseplant. They reconstructed Queen’s “Under Pressure” from a video of earbuds. That’s a cool trick (with some interesting surveillance and forensic implications).

"This is totally out of some Hollywood thriller," says Alexei Efros, an associate professor of electrical engineering and computer science at the University of California at Berkeley. “You know that the killer has admitted his guilt because there’s surveillance footage of his potato chip bag vibrating.”

If you want to really see sound waves check out our video.

Who is the patron saint of finished paintings and what do I offer them so they will bless me with the power to get shit done haha




A friend told me my biggest weakness is my lineart, so I’ve been trying to work on my lineart but every fiber of my being hates cleaning up lineart. 

It’s sad, but honestly the left picture’s lineart is the best that I can do. I have no idea how to go about trying to better my lineart. I’ve read tutorials but they essentially boil down to: Try drawing the line 5/6 times and I’m like I just CANT. I dont have the time or attention span to do that >:| 

You can trying drawing at bigger resolutions. So you can make your lines slowly (it’s okay if they look a little shaky) and they should look okay when you resize it smaller. Another important thing to keep in mind is line quality (weight, smoothness, etc). Sometimes it’s a good exercise to turn off pen pressure, draw with one weight, and deliberately add thickness where you want it, but I understand if you’re busy that kind of activity can be less enjoyable than just drawing whatever you want. What I like to do is edit my brush settings to emulate how my usual pressure is when I draw on paper, so the quality comes out a lot closer to how it is with traditional media. I wish I had some good examples/screenshots of the draw big/resize method on hand…

Another alternative to cleaning up lineart is just redrawing it on another layer and trying to keep it clean from the get-go. I think that’s what I usually do if I’m not just lazily painting over a sketch… haha

Thank you for your tips! I’ve been trying to draw all of my newer art in higher resolutions (400 pixels/inch) though I have to admit that I don’t know much about resolution and printing images and stuff, but I think I read somewhere that 300 pixels/inch is a good size to be working with.

 Oh, should I be drawing my lines slowly? I’ve always tried drawing them quickly in order to give them movement and flow, but maybe I should be slower drawing them. Along with that: I have a habit of not zooming in when I draw the lines because I tend to quickly lose track of how it looks in comparison to the whole picture, so maybe that’s something else I’m doing wrong :/

And I’ll try that tip with line quality! I’ve been looking at my art and seeing that I really don’t have as much line weight as I thought I did/want to have so I’ll definitely try that as well. 

And embarrassingly enough… I have been doing that tip with having a ‘rough’ and ‘clean’ sketch. I just can’t seem to keep the clean sketch as clean as it should be. :( 

For drawing digital works at bigger res (stuff you don’t intend to print), the important thing is the physical canvas size. So if your final image is planned to be a wallpaper, say 1366x768 px, then you’d draw it at 2x (or more) the dimensions: 2732x1536 px. This way when you size it down to the intended dimensions small flaws look even smaller haha! For print, 300 pixels/inch (abbreviated ppi or dpi) is standard for most printing procedures. You’ll likely NEVER need to go any higher than 300 ppi. The only exception I’ve encountered so far is when you’re printing screentones, which in that case you’ll want to work at 600 ppi to ensure they print crisply.

Some people like to draw their lines fast to get them to be really smooth (from my observations, these are usually the ones who draw the line several times and keep hitting ctrl+z until they’re happy with it. I used to do this a lot.) These days I find that drawing your lines slowly is a lot faster for completing lineart because you’re not spending too much time on EACH individual stroke. Instead you can concentrate on the cohesiveness of the overall image, erasing and re-drawing in lines where you think you can improve it. This is what I do now and I feel like I’m happier with my stuff when I’m moving a little slower through it haha.
About zooming into the image to draw the lines: I think this is a personal preference for each artist. I like to draw the lines zoomed out and then zoom in to refine them/add weight to them :)

Ahhh, glad you’re gonna give it a shot! Something to keep in mind with line weight is that it’s for emphasis, so even if you technically have every single line have “weight” it doesn’t create emphasis anymore when all the lines have the same quality.

[full size here]

Sorry for such a messy example!!! Anyway, you can see that different techniques have different effects. What I tend towards is using deliberate weight for finished lineart because to me the image feels clearer and more nuanced. Even the weight of the eyebrows is done manually! The far right (weight from pen pressure) looks like a “happier” image, but I don’t like it as much (I AM BIASED) because it feels sort of generic with the level of emotion expressed.

If you find it hard to keep your lines clean then I think slowing down might help! Let me know how it goes :D